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PASSPORT Host Integration Objects  v.2011-826

PASSPORT Host Integration Objects is a Windows-based legacy integration solution that lets you programmatically connect TN3270/TN5250 applications with other ActiveX or .NET applications. Offers a path to host information at the screen buffer level,

Z/Scope Anywhere Free  v.6.2.1

Access any computer from anywhere in the world. z/Scope Anywhere is the ultimate Remote Access software featuring Microsoft Remote Desktop and VNC access with SSH/2 AES 128-bit tunneling.

JinTN3270  v.1.0

A high-performance, fully extensible, RFC 854 Telnet client library and framework. Use it as a stand-alone end user client (making use of the JTerminal Swing component), or use the event-based API to automate host interactions. Supports VT100 TN3270

Open3270  v.1.0

A Microsoft .NET C# library API for TN3270. LGPL licensed library which is production quality with commercial support and source options available. Supports client side and server side emulation including ASP.NET.

PowerTerm InterConnect  v.6.6.2

PowerTerm InterConnect is a robust terminal emulator, providing seamless connectivity to the widest range of machine types. Hosts BM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Data General, SCO, Tandem, HP-3000 Emulations IBM 3270, IBM 5250, IBM

ZOC Terminal for Mac OS  v.6.25

Telnet/SSH/SSH2/serial console client and terminal emulator. Its functions (like tabbed sessions, typed command history, scrollback, multiple window support, etc.) and solidly implemented emulations make it the preferred tool for people who have to

Jagacy VT100/VT220 Emulator for Linux  v.2.1

Jagacy VT100/VT220 emulator is an easy to use VT100/VT220 terminal emulator written entirely in Java.

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